About the K&E Game

K&E game is now launched in BETA. This game features tokens named Kingdom Coins. Kingdom Coins are in limited supply and grow in value. You can obtain them by playing the game or buy from other players at Exchange for bitcoin bits. Kingdoms & Empires game is a stand-alone web browser strategy war game with in-game economy.

Greetings Traveller,

Welcome to the game of Kingdoms And Empires. I see a great potential in you... You shall become a mighty emperor who many will respect and fear. You shall grow a mighty army and through trade, conquests and diplomacy to establish peace and balance within the Kingdoms!

Game of Kingdoms & Empires is a strategic turn based medieval role playing game. A good strategy mixed with fair deal of trading activity and diplomatic connections will get you very far. To log in and start playing it you'll need an account on Goldtokens.net.

RESOURCES & SPECIALIZATION - There are 4 core specializations you can choose: Farming, Mining, Military, Weapory. You can only choose 1 specialization and the one you choose will get you an advantage in that field.
TAXES from your settlement - Not many people like them but as a ruler and protector of your realm you need to collect them. Make sure you collect your taxes in your settlement TAX office every day, its free and as owner of a settlement you are entitled to them. Settlements that don't collect taxes get weak and are unable to protect their people.

TRADE - trade is very important and can make you progress in the game very fast. Don't get blinded by the wealth... Always keep your eyes in defense. Do not forget to take a good care of your soldiers, you should always sustain and expand your army because they are the wall between your settlement and the outer world that is dangerous.

WAR & CONQUESTS - We are living in dangerous times. You will never be left in peace by other settlements and kingdoms who want to control all the lands and achieve royal glory and fame. You need to fight for your independence. Your focus always needs to be on your military. You can ocupy other settlements and win war loots. Others can also occupy your settlement but if that happens then you can always win your independence back with a war against occupator later when you grow back stronger. More soldiers you can sustain less chances there are you'll find yourself occupied. More active and smart you are in your role then more independent and successful you will be.

Be wise how you use your resources (soldiers, protective walls, weaponry and all the materials that you can use to make your settlement stronger and bigger.
Keep in mind that this a time of war and the world out there is dangerous.

We wish you a lot of fun and success on your path to greatness!

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